Nov 27, 2012

Herding Virtual Cats

Face-to-face leadership is complex enough. Leading team members you don't see regularly, such as virtual workers or those in distant offices, bumps the complexity up a notch or two.
Our newest knowledge workers are pushing for the flexibility to fit work into their lives, rather than fitting their lives into their work. This cultural shift is changing the way we do business. 

Firms that adapt their mindset, communications and infrastructure accordingly will find greater success than those who cling to the old ways of management and leadership.
My colleague and friend, Michelle Golden, is the founder of Golden Practices and a highly regarded consultant to the professions. She and I published an article about virtual leadership in the November issue of Practice Management Forum.

Our article addresses the following questions:
  • How do you create and sustain relationships with employees who are spread across the city, state, or country? 
  • How do you measure their productivity and effectiveness?
  • How do you ensure your firm’s strong culture becomes part of every individual employee, regardless of location?
You can learn the answers to these questions in the full article here.

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